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Our values

Guarantee, Goodness, Safety

Sustainable innovation

We want to leave our children a better world than the one we have found

For many years Salumificio San Michele has invested in innovative technologies to ensure all products are delicious, safe and sustainable.

Underlying everything is our desire to operate in a virtuous context that aims to optimise all our operations, while also developing and safeguarding our social and environmental surroundings.

In everything it does, the company seeks constant improvement in order to guarantee the wellbeing of our employees and consumers, starting in the factory and culminating on tables all over the world.

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Selected raw materials, natural ingredients

Healthy products

Salumificio San Michele uses only selected raw materials, both Italian and imported. The meat comes from selected farms with which we have long-time relationships, in which all animal welfare criteria are implemented. Everything is done with meticulous control over the raw materials.

Without added nitrates or nitrites

None of our products contain added nitrites or nitrates. We have recently begun a trial to produce prosciutto with lower levels of salt, by using a special salt from South America, which is not industrially processed and contains no added potassium.

Natural products

Salumificio San Michele guarantees that all its cured hams – Parma and otherwise – are made solely from natural ingredients.

Respect for the environment

Minimum waste

All our food waste, predominantly from trimming the hams, is recovered and recycled through specialist manufacturers of animal feed.

In addition, all machinery is washed and sterilised regularly using state-of-the art detergents and equipment that minimise waste water.

Low consumption and renewable sources

50% recovery of the energy used

Thanks to state-of-the-art systems, our factory is able to recover 50% of the energy used. Using a recovery system for hot gases generated by the refrigeration chambers, and a plant that channels air from outside, when conditions are considered ideal for curing hams, temperature and moisture control do not require any electricity or gas.

Low consumption

The electricity provider ENEA has awarded Salumificio San Michele its white certification for low energy consumption, following constant monitoring of the company’s electricity use.

Solar power

Last but not least, by the end of this year we will have installed two photovoltaic plants to cover 35% of our company’s energy needs.

Recyclable packaging

Less plastic

Our trays use approximately 12% less plastic than normal packs, and contain 50% more recycled plastic. For the deboned product lines, the thickness of the plastic was reduced by eliminating an intermediary stage in the packaging manufacture. For some types of sliced meats, we have introduced recycled paper packaging.


Recycled plastic used


Plastic used

Trays of cold cuts

Support for social inclusion projects

Part of our specialist workforce originates in overseas countries. To this end, San Michele closely follows the regularisation of all employment contracts and, to encourage inclusivity and integration, regular courses are planned, funded and delivered in the Italian language, both everyday and technical, including the specific terminology and working methods used in our factory.

For some years the company has supported social projects such as “I bambini delle fate” in Crema, which funds projects and social inclusion schemes for families affected by autism and other disabilities. In addition, any surplus production is donated to homeless shelters in the Crema area.

A virtuous journey, an ongoing commitment: to maintain the traditions of the past using today’s technology, and to do it as sustainably as possible.