Follow the red line and discover the magic created by a platter of cured meats: our speciality.

The daily ingredients of our work are few but delicious: a careful selection of raw materials, a process that takes the best of the past and the future to ensure exceptional performance, the right slowness and a unique climatic condition in the world.

In our factories we use the best technology on the market and we follow the product throughout all its processing. From deboning to slicing, from greasing to seasoning… every step is important and it must be followed with care, knowledge and passion.

Our values

The beauty of the wait

Prosciutto seasons.

People who help technology

Here it’s people who make all the difference: ancient skills handed down through the generations combine with innovation to place our factories at the cutting edge yet still with an age-old instinct for good things. And with utter respect for tradition.

Live a day with us

Our valley

The Food Valley is our home. Here, sea breezes rise from Tuscany to meet the forests of the Apennines. This land of aromas and flavours is where we create our prosciutto.

Makes the world speak Italian.

Welcome toSan Michele


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