Our history

Behind every true story

Dad's rules

A conversation from distant past memories, our family traditions, the story of Salumificio San Michele.

“Do you remember?”
“Remember what?”
“How it all began”.
We were children, but it feels like yesterday.

Dad’s rules. He’d always say:
“Don’t run among the hams!”
So many times we tiptoed past.

“Now we have to wait”
So much accumulated patience.

“Follow the seasons”
And in following them, we lost ourselves.

Only now is everything clear.
Every moment was important, every detail.

Remember the winters?

To us the salt was half snow and half fairy dust to send the hams to sleep.

With spring came the dew.
We’d take off the salty blanket shouting “Wake up!” all down the corridor.

And then suddenly, in summer.

Right on time, Marino would knock at the door and we’d say “Welcome!” and open the windows.

And then we’d wait. Again.
“Enjoy the slowness“

And we kept ourselves busy: lard was our palette, we secretly signed the works of art, feeling we were part of something important.


Those flavours, those afternoon snacks. It’s so clear it seems like yesterday. Maybe because nothing ever changes.

yesterday and today

Our story begins 40 years ago

in San Michele Tiorre (Felino) just outside Parma in the heart of Italy’s Food Valley. Tradition and the experience gained in all these years have led us today to completely integrate all the stages of production.

storia storia

Our factories

The original production premises in Felino were joined by a prosciutto factory in Langhirano.

With a unit in Offanengo devoted to deboning and logistics, and a second factory in Langhirano for sliced meats, we are able to fully meet demand from both Italian and foreign markets. However, Salumificio San Michele remains a streamlined and compact organisation with the capacity to combine traditional products with the innovation of state-of-the-art packaging technologies.


From Italy to the world

Our prosciutto has reached consumers’ tables in more than 30 countries in Europe and around the world, helping to spread and promote the flavour and uniqueness of this extraordinary Italian product.

Our factories are licensed to export to Russia, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam and Australia. Salumificio San Michele therefore devotes much attention to export and associated
operations, with the aim of increasingly consolidating our presence on international markets.